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A message from Montage Health Foundation chair Stephen Schulte

Stephen SchulteStephen and Patsy Schulte were looking for a change of pace. They just needed to figure out where. An attorney, he was a founding partner with the firm Schulte, Roth & Zabel, and an adjunct professor at Columbia, Fordham and Cardozo schools of law. She was an investment banker at First Boston before becoming deputy controller of finance for New York City. She later earned her law degree at Cardozo School of Law and, after passing the Bar exam, went into education. They didn’t consider Carmel because they didn’t play golf. Until they saw it. They built a home in Carmel Highlands, and made the move in 2000.

What brought you to serve initially on the Community Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees and now to act as chair of the Montage Health Foundation board?

My affiliation with Community Hospital started with an emergency appendectomy. I was extremely impressed with the entire process, which opened my eyes to the importance of having an excellent hospital and healthcare system in my area. I am now in my eighth year as a member of the board of trustees of what is now Montage Health.

Last year, I was asked to serve as chair of Montage Health Foundation Board, an affiliate of the Montage Health family. I find this a very exciting challenge and another means by which I can participate in the growth, the range, and the impact of Montage Health — all of which are integral to the community’s vitality.

Why was Montage Health Foundation created?

The foundation is a stand-alone entity, so we have moved the fundraising, planning, and activities from what was Community Hospital Foundation to a separate affiliate organization, which puts it in alignment with the hospital, Aspire, Community Health Innovations (CHI), Montage Medical Group, and Montage Wellness Center, all part of a network devoted to delivering exceptional care in the community.

Montage Health Foundation is an excellent vehicle for invigorating the culture of philanthropy and increasing support for Montage Health and its related entities. Through new leadership and volunteer opportunities, we can increase our visibility in the community, and augment the importance of fundraising for the Montage Health family. Reports indicate that more than 70 percent of healthcare organizations across the country are using affiliate fundraising entities, which yields a higher and more efficient return on efforts.

What is its mission?

Montage Health Foundation seeks to advance the vision and strategic priorities of Montage Health by inspiring and enhancing philanthropic support for Montage Health and its related entities. Organizing and operating fundraising activities, including strategies, priorities, and programs, all within the new foundation, will permit a greater concentration on fundraising while enabling Montage Heath and its other entities to focus on their services.

What do you hope the board will accomplish?

Our number-one priority was to secure a dynamic chief development officer, which we did with the hiring of Kevin Causey.

Now, our principle objectives are to increase access to healthcare through recruitment of doctors, plus expansion of offices and related facilities. We will recruit primary care physicians and specialists, and are building the new Montage Medical Group clinical center at Ryan Ranch. This facility is scheduled to open in early 2018. Another aspect of access to care is the mobile healthcare program for the homeless, launched in fall of 2017. 

Who serves on the board?

We have a diversity of skill sets, experience, and backgrounds — gender, age, occupation, profession, community leadership, and other special criteria. Our board currently includes six members of the Montage Health board, and two of our members are senior administrative staff, including Dr. Steve Packer. Additionally, we have two doctors affiliated with the hospital.

Montage Health Foundation and its predecessor have been quite successful in building philanthropic support. Why should people give to Montage Health Foundation?

The health of the people in this area, not just on the Monterey Peninsula, is critical in maintaining the vitality and viability of our community. To support Montage Health is to become involved in the provision of what’s really essential — preventive, restorative, and palliative healthcare, with an emphasis on access for everyone. Every gift to Montage Health enhances the margin of excellence in providing optimal healthcare. And there are many ways of giving.

I am extremely thankful for being born in a country that provides us freedoms, and I want to give back. All of us should want to give back to our community, our society, our country. I don’t think we should just take.

Ways to Give

It’s easy to make a gift now — online, by phone, or by mail.



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